We have worked with clients across three continents to develop and implement strategic pricing. We can assess the maturity of your pricing approach, review alignment with other areas of the organisation and help you to outperform your competitors.  Our work results in improvements to your top and bottom lines.

Case study – Price leakage


Client need:

A plant producing manufactured items suffered from depleted margins. Low customer confidence towards delivery time affected the company’s pricing power.


What we did:

Based on the assessment, we simplified products, suppliers and raw materials. We also redesigned flow, pricing process and restructured segmentation to streamline and shorten quotation times. Working together with the operations team, we improved control on product design (from upstream to downstream), avoiding bottlenecks and multiple adjustments of specification once it hit the production line.


What they got:

Simpler product category, better flow, improved processes and faster delivery as well as prompt quotation times increase customers’ confidence and the company’s pricing power.  The bottom-line increased by 9%. 



Case study – Pricing strategy and tactical implementation


Client need:

A newly merged manufacturing organisation required a better pricing team with strong pricing controls to ensure profit margins were achieved. 


What we did:

Redesigned the pricing process, built pricing analytical tools, set pricing authorities for better control mechanism. Communicated changes to promote buy in.


What they got:

A stronger pricing team with higher confidence in their data and analytics to provide better leads in decision making on strategy and tactical levels.

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