Risk management

Risk Management is an integral part of all organisational processes, including strategic planning, all projects, and change management.

Virrata have found that when we work with our clients to find causes for particular poor performance metrics, often other hidden opportunities for improvement come to light that are directly, or indirectly, part of the solution.

Case Study – Poor accident rate metrics needed to be addressed.


The client need:

On reviewing plant accident rate data, management knew that they needed to make urgent improvements. Their own analysis showed that the majority of accidents were related to back injuries caused by manhandling components out of boxes and then after process, back into them. Back injuries are particularly painful, pernicious, and costly; it was important to find solutions that were both effective, and affordable. They were not sure how to proceed or what to do first.


What we did:

After reviewing and analysing all existing data, we were able to confirm the type of injuries, general causes, and identify missing data needed to pinpoint specific issues. We worked on site with a representative team of managers and operators to identify the current process flow, and activities that increased risk of injury. We utilised a mixture of records, observation, photographs, and video, to gather evidence, then with guidance from Virrata, the team was able to identify priority changes required.


What they got:

Nine priority changes were identified, and solutions determined. Each required action was scheduled, and to each a champion appointed. Some of the solutions involved training, others addressed; planning, logistics, information, and product flow, through the plant. The team were now armed with the necessary tools and methods so they could address remaining risks and new issues in the future.

As an added bonus to improved accident statistics, with very little associated cost, new flow methods and better information transfer have improved plant overall efficiency.

Risk management overview
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Risk register services
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