Virrata: It's all about flow

Virrata means 'to flow' in Finnish


Flow: Verb

> To proceed continuously and smoothly

> Glide along as a stream

Flowing > Progressive tendency

Flow of spirits > Habitual cheerfulness


Virrata is about creating flow through organisations. Whether that is the flow of information and materials, the flow of communication across the organisation or the flow of energy through the workforce. Flow is the lifeblood of any business.


All of our team have held senior operational roles in industry. Our combined experience covers every type of manufacturing operation from high volume FMCG to continuous casting, complex assembly to bespoke products.


We have delivered transformational change across different cultures, continents and industries. Virrata uses tried and tested methods to assess operational performance and delivers innovative solutions to complex problems.


We are experts at simplifying complexity and making operations flow smoothly, allowing clients more time to be spent on developing their business.

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