Cost reduction

We are highly experienced in identifying ways of reducing cost and driving out waste from your business. We are able to do this whilst balancing the need to remain effective as well as efficient.


Support can take the form of identifying opportunities through to coaching your team towards success and on to full implementation for those businesses requiring it.

Case study - Electronic assemblies


Client need:

An electronic assembly line was being tranferred from one plant to a sister plant. The performance of the line had been poor and unstable and a new level of operational excellence needed to be established in the new facility.


What we did:

We redesigned the assembly line from scratch, making no reference to bad practices in the previous facility. The line was designed for minimal waste with built in mistake proofing and visual management.


What they got:

The new line took up 66% less space than the original. Productivity improved by over 50%. Output was predictable and stable. Work in process reduced by 98%.



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