Plant assessments

We conduct plant assessments in order to create a baseline for improvement and to help develop roadmaps for individual sites as well as multi-site operations. We also support private equity in pre-acquisition plant assessments as part of the due diligence process and post acquisition assessments to help improve your ROI.


Operational alignment with strategy is fundamental to reaching your corporate objectives and is indispensable when it comes to corporate planning and control. Our assessments are tailored to the needs of each organisation we work with. We are able to offer you our experience and specialist expertise in advising you how to reach your corporate goals.


Case Study - Multi-national Manufacturing Organisation


The client need:

The business needed to assess the performance of each of the key plants to establish a baseline for performance improvement, to transfer best practice between sites and to create roadmaps for improvement


What we did:

Plants were assessed using a common standard with an evidence based scoring system. The assessments took place across 22 plants on three continents. Each plant was presented with a plant guide, an Executive summary and a detailed report with tailored roadmap. The results were consolidated for senior management to compare progress. Internal assessors were trained to conduct annual audits to monitor progress and maintain momentum. Best practice was identified to act as a benchmark and be transferred across the plants.


What they got:

Year on year improvements were evident from the assessment scores. Clarity was created on the direction for each plant. Improvements were prioritised and reviewed using a structured performance management system. Benefits were seen in all of the five Cs. (Cost, capital employed, customer service, capacity and culture). These improvements were tailored to the individual business units needs.



Case Study - Potential Acquisition


The client need:

The client was considering a potential acquisition. A major consulting company was conducting financial and commercial due diligence. There was a need to understand the performance level of the operational side of the business along with the scale of potential improvements and an understanding of capacity in the event of business growth.


What we did:

The plant was assessed against 22 criteria and a scoring mechanism was used to identify levels of maturity and opportunities for improvement. The capacity of the existing plant and equipment was calculated. The plant practices were compared with the policies and standards of the acquring company in orer to identify gaps.


What they got:

The business was able to make an informed decision on the acquisition and reduce risk. Potential future investment costs could be calculated now that the true capacity of the plant had been verified. A plan for integrating the business could be made pre-acquisition to help realise benefits and synergies in a shorter timescale.

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Due diligence assessments
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