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Chris Russell 


Chris Set up Virrata to help companies create flow through their businesses. After all 'Virrata' means flow in Finnish.


Prior to setting up Virrata Chris has held a series of senior operational roles in major manufacturing organisations. During this time Chris has gained great insights in to what are the key ingredients for successfully implementing and sustaining improvements in operational excellence as well as what it takes to align operational and commercial excellence.


Chris was responsible for operational excellence across 36 plants in 19 countries in which Luvata has manufacturing operations. In this role, Chris oversaw the development of the Luvata Production System, Luvata Sales System, Pricing and Risk Management to become an integrated operating system throughout a diverse set of operations.


Chris has extensive experience in logistics and lean manufacturing having managed a number of large manufacturing plants for Baxi, Alcoa and an automotive assembly plant for Eurocoach.


Chris holds an MBA from the University of Wales and has studied advanced management at Warwick Business School. He also has a post graduate certificate in delivering quality excellence and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics.



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Sonny Supriyadi


Sonny has extensive expertise in Pricing with a strong financial background. He is a versatile operational excellence professional with global exposure, having managed various projects in Asia, EMEA and North America.

Sonny has headed Global Pricing Initiatives and developed frontline pricing software; focusing on the cost and price harmonisation as well as providing sales commission strategy. He has created and executed pricing modules for training, workshops and compliance purposes and has been a Keynote speaker for international conferences where he has led seminars to pricing personnel from a wide range of industry sectors.

Sonny is multilingual and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a BSc in Biology.



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Martin Smith


Martin understands the holistic nature of business. He has been in senior management positions for over two decades, including General Manager and Operations Manager of a discrete manufacturing plant, and several positions as a Director.


Over the last decade Martin’s engineering and business experience has been focused on guiding implementing and reviewing, operational excellence. Martin applies risk management principles to diagnostic processes ensuring that solutions under consideration do not adversely influence other business functions, nor result in unforeseen modification of strategic, or tactical, objectives.


He has been providing operational risk management and loss prevention services to international business in 19 countries around the globe; in the USA, Europe, and Far East. Success has been achieved by tailoring workshops and projects to the specific needs of individual businesses. 

Martin has extensive experience, and understanding of safety, security, loss prevention, and business continuity systems, working with teams and individuals drawn from all levels of management and employees.


Martin began his career in the aerospace industry developing and designing test rigs for gas turbine engines, then moved on in a series of senior design engineering roles for robotic welding, electron beam welding, laser cutting and welding, vacuum furnaces, winding equipment, and continuous metal extrusion machines, having several patented inventions to his name.


Martin’s qualifications are an eclectic mix but include: HNC, Mechanical Engineering, and Diploma of Safety Management (BSC) He is professional member of the Institute of Risk Management, and member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.



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Andy Sheppard


Andy is an engineer and a former McKinsey consultant who helps leaders and workforces to strengthen their businesses through their operations. He has over eighteen years of experience in coaching others to lead deep, systematic change and in translating principles from the Toyota Production System to benefit businesses in diverse industries.


Andy’s outlook is grounded on experiencing change on the shop floor and navigating change while in engineering and operational roles in Shell and Crown Cork. During five years with McKinsey & Company he specialised in hands-on leadership of transformations in diverse industries across the USA, Europe and Asia. For the last thirteen years he has worked in similar fields as an independent advisor and with trusted associates, in addition to developing books and articles to train others. More information can be found at


Andy earned BA and MEng degrees in manufacturing engineering from the University of Cambridge, together with a New Graduate Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering. 



Niels Gørup Christiansen


Based in Denmark,Niels has been central in several complex, epoch-making change management programs in corporate groups for the last 20 years. That includes design and implementation of “Business Excellence” at Grundfos, global senior management roles in Johnson Control and the world wide set-up and implementation of an internal quality training program for the LEGO group called “Learning by playing”


Niels is known for running Continuous Business Improvement that gives documented and sustainable bottom line results - and at the same time happy people and an efficient management system for CBI.

Niels has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark and a Diploma in International Business Administration (BSc)


Virrata works in partnership with New Future Formula, owned by Niels Gørup Christiansen

Justin Roux


Justin Roux has spent 18 years in the strategy and execution of communications following 10 years of on-site project execution in the offshore, oil and gas industries. He is an expert in external and internal engagement, communications management, marketing, corporate strategy, crisis and campaigns – especially in international environments and in times of corporate transformation.

Having lived or worked in 40 countries, Justin has unique experience in creating programmes that unite diverse audiences and help international technology companies through periods of growth, change and crisis. As a writer and international journalist, Justin has written and edited for titles including: The Howard Hughes Foundation, The Lonely Planet, the British press and EU Vision. He is an award-winning professional speaker and corporate storyteller, turning complex topics into messages that motivate their audiences.

Justin has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering.

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Flow: Verb [fləʊ]

> To proceed continuously and smoothly

> Glide along as a stream

Flowing > Progressive tendency

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