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"You came in with a very set objective, and a short time scale, and you hit all the markers" 

Andrew McClusky, Managing Director, BEP Surface Technologies

"Chris has had a transformative effect on our culture here at Carrs Pasties. His calm and calculated approach has galvanised the staff to experiment and embrace Lean methodology. We quickly found efficiencies and capacity within our factory we didn’t know we had. His legacy is a team with a ‘can do’ attitude and hunger to improve.

Joseph Carr, Managing Director, Carrs Pasties

"The Virrata team, originally part of Luvata's Operational Excellence group, developed and implemented Luvata’s operating system, rolling out the Luvata Production System, Risk Management, Pricing and the Luvata Sales System across three continents. What has made operational excellence so contagious across Luvata is the practicality of Virrata’s approach, combined with the commitment of our people to efficiency and effectiveness; doing new things well and doing them with the best possible use of resources. Today, we have made LEAN our own, and risk optimisation is embedded.  We’ve seen a lot of success from our long-term obsession with operational excellence and the Virrata team have been critical to that success."

John Peter Leesi - CEO of Luvata

We have many examples of real business benefits brought about through our work.


Case studies are shown at the bottom of each of our 'What we do' pages. Please click on the links below to find a relevant example. We would be happy to discuss these case studies or many others which may be more relevant to your situation. The chances are we have solved something very similar to the challenges you are facing.


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Customer service improvements

Capacity liberation

Culture development

Risk management

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Luvata Production System
Virrata's team developed and rolled out the Luvata Production System across three continents - read about our approach and how we made this a great success story.
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