We work with capital intensive operations to liberate capacity in existing equipment. This can prevent the need for further capital investment by better overall equipment effectiveness of your existing assets. Paybacks in this area are often very substantial. It is always advisable to assess possibilities before investing in additional equipment.

Case study - Urgent need to increase capacity in Asia


The client need:

The plant was struggling to meet market demand. Production volumes were not meeting order volumes, resulting in an increasing order backlog and missed revenue due to lost orders. The problem needed to be addressed quickly to help reverse the concerning trends.


What we did:

We worked through the issues with the local organisation, leading an in depth analysis of the underlying problems.  A structured plan was developed with a series of immediate short term fixes and longer term actions to recover the situation.


What they got:

Output in the plant increased significantly following the initial workshop. The order backlog was recovered and financial performance improved. The plant knew their true capacity and what was required operationally to meet different capacity thresholds.



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