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Whether you need to dramatically reduce your lead time, address quality issues, or improve your delivery performance, we have the experience to help. We have worked with organisations to enable material and information to flow through the entire value stream. These improvement can lead to increases in the order book and shorter order to cash cycle times.

Case study  - Lead time reduction


The client need:

An assembly operation in Continental Europe was under pressure to reduce lead times in light of increased competition. On time delivery performance was causing problems for the customer.The existing volumes the plant enjoyed were under threat. The lead times needed to be best in indsutry in order to help secure current and future business.


What we did:

We conducted an in depth diagnosis of the value stream, designed and implemented a new flow solution. This involved revising the plant layout, changing practices on the shop floor and altering the planning process.


What they got:

Lead time reduced dramatically from 18 days to two days. As a result of the flow improvements work in process reduced by 47% and delivery performance jumped from 40% on time in full to 100%.

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Flow: Verb [fləʊ]

> To proceed continuously and smoothly

> Glide along as a stream

Flowing > Progressive tendency

Flow of spirits > Habitual cheerfulness

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